If effectiveness measures the ability of a person to accomplish his task quickly and successfully or to avoid having to do tasks that are not part of his job, efficiency measures the use of all resources. of the organization in the best possible way in order to obtain many benefits: productivity, internal and external satisfaction, competitiveness, employee commitment, etc.

Too many organizations still require people to seek and retrieve information from many different departments and people and then consolidate and pass it on to other people.

In digital transformation projects, the relevant manipulation of information throughout business processes is often one of the main sources of efficiency .

To improve your efficiency, the experience and expertise of our consultants lead you to take a fresh look at your organization. Our application development platform connects and unifies your business processes and data. This global approach bringing together experience, expertise and development platform not only reduces the risks inherent in digital transformation projects but also works on the efficiency of the entire ecosystem , integrating your suppliers, your partners and your customers. .

The 3 key points to allow users to work better together

Collaborative work wisely for the efficiency of the organization

Collaborative work

Despite the many dematerialization projects, people often continue to call and email each other when they are looking for information, without always getting it quickly. This generates a lot of inefficiency and the cost of access to find the information continues to increase over time.

Collaborative work must solve this problem: it is necessary to structure the information and facilitate its use by all the stakeholders.

For 20 years, we have successfully carried out more than 50 dematerialization projects by developing collaborative web applications . The solutions we have designed focus on the proper handling of information throughout its life cycle. The activities of all employees are organized so that they produce or use information in good time.

Improve organizational efficiency by automating reporting

The production of information

When the information is not structured throughout its life cycle, its restitution, in particular in the form of a report, requires more effort from users who lose considerable time to restructure the data, not to mention the processing work of text in a file passed from person to person and constantly duplicated, with inevitable bugs in the formatting.

To improve the efficiency of the organization and guarantee the consistency of the documents sent to customers and partners, the production of information must be automated. Each restitution document, which consolidates a large amount of information from the projects and operations carried out, is divided into several chapters using the information entered progressively by the users concerned. Rather than finalizing the restitution in a hurry, the document is generated automatically by consolidating all the necessary information and guaranteeing the constant quality of its formatting.

Operation in an extended enterprise at the service of the efficiency of the organization

Extended enterprise operation

Improving the efficiency of a field of activity today requires having a global approach to its ecosystem so that all internal and external users share the same information and, why not, the same tool . For example, on a process involving customers, the latter must be able to submit the necessary information in a structured way and then add their comments directly throughout the process.

The direct and unique entry of information by the right person, customer or partner, quickly brings a higher quality of service . Everyone is now used to web applications, you ensure that the information entered is up to date and available at the right time. This gives you a much more modern image of your organization . All stakeholders thus find useful information and documents within a single web portal where they can interact and collaborate simply .